Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching

Proactively shaping your own future, shedding old behavioral patterns and staying in motion.

I understand executive coaching as a form of partnership-based, honest and enabling cooperation with experienced or young executives. It always pursues a specific goal, uses feedback and opens up perspectives through the exchange with a quasi uninvolved person, the coach. My executive coaching takes place in conversations, the frequency and length of which are based on the coachee’s needs.

Seeing the forest again with executive coaching

There are numerous triggers for taking advantage of executive coaching. What they have in common is the need for movement, development and change. Some of my clients feel blocked. They don’t see a way out or are overwhelmed in the face of a wide range of expectations. Another group would like to prepare for new challenges, discard old behavioural patterns and shape the future. Executive coaching helps both to gain distance and to recognise the forest instead of the trees - i.e. the essentials - and then to act purposefully.

Becoming more complex as a leader with executive coaching

As an executive coach, I use suggestions from research on adult development, among other things. This term refers to the examination of the question of how people become mature, how they recognise this and how they proactively drive this maturation process. The corresponding research pursues the goal of offering us adults (simple) ways to become more complex/mature so that we can a) better cope with complexities in the outside world and b) find space for our personal, individual life design.

Overcoming blockages through executive coaching

Often, as executives, we would like to be able to behave differently in certain situations. But we observe that despite our intention, we regularly fall back into our old patterns - something inside us inhibits this change. This is particularly unpleasant when professional success depends on this behavioural change. Thanks to the ITC method, such inhibitors can not only be identified quickly, but also overcome in a targeted and consistent way - in just four steps. In my executive coaching, I accompany you on this path.

Executive Coaching for new roles

New roles often come with new, additional expectations. In a leadership team, I have to cooperate and take into account the perspectives of others. Sometimes it goes down badly if I just “do my thing”. Or you are coming into your first leadership role. If you continue to do everything on your own or only trust your staff to a limited extent, you will sooner or later reach your limits - and probably not achieve the hopes you have placed in yourself, or only partially. Executive coaching offers you the ideal framework to master this transition in a sound and constructive way.

Executive Coaching: request now.

My executive coaching is used by executives in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and also in English-speaking countries. In addition, as a Leadership Partner in the area of leadership coaching, I also offer team coaching. Are you interested? Contact me now without obligation. Let’s start your leadership transformation together.