Leadership Weiterbildung

Leadership Development: Leading others

Leading others is a noble task. It requires leaders to be aware of their own role and the expectations that come with it (personnel development). In the topic of leadership development, I only teach a few technical things. Instead, the focus is on effective leadership behaviour development.

Creating impact with leadership development

Why do you lead? And what should result from it? Leaders should understand that the leadership task is almost exclusively about others. How are employees empowered? What conditions enhance their success? Where is the greatest potential and what happens with it? In the Leadership Development module, learn to multiply your strengths and make an impact together with others - whether you are leading administrators, specialists or technical teams, or whether you are leading leaders.

Leadership development - leading positively

People develop when they work in a positive environment. And as a leader, you can ensure this every day. For example, by following my T.I.G.E.R. Method©, in which I suggest five essential leadership tasks. They are all based on the findings of positive psychology, which is exclusively dedicated to the question of when people flourish and how they themselves and companies can ensure this in everyday life.

Develop and expand potential in leadership development

Companies want to develop, create attractive opportunities and seize favourable opportunities. So their employees should also move constantly. As a manager, make sure that employees move in their learning zones. Because then they develop their potential - and you gain a more reliable picture of who could still grow further.

A partial aspect of leadership development: conducting “difficult” conversations

As a leader, you experience unpleasant situations from time to time. The trigger is usually inappropriate behaviour that leads to conflict, disappointment and loss of trust. In the Leadership Development module you will learn how to achieve a sustainable change in behaviour in your counterpart in a conversation.

Leadership development - leading leaders

A special situation in leadership development is the leadership of leaders. Because now you are required, quasi via indirect effect, to ensure that others lead in such a way that certain events occur. And you should make sure that the meetings of your leadership team are not only filled with operational topics that obey the daily hustle and bustle, but also give enough space to more strategic topics. In this module you will learn to develop your leadership team and strengthen its impact in the system.

Continuing education and development: my offer for leaders

I deliver the leadership training “Leading others” mainly in company-internal leadership seminars or academies. I also use parts of it as part of my leadership coaching or convey this content as a speaker at events. Would you like to learn more about leadership development, human resource development or change management? Are you interested in coaching for your leadership transformation? Feel free to contact me personally I look forward to hearing from you!