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Immunity to Change

The two Harvard professors of psychology Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey searched for answers to the questions of what keeps people in old patterns and how they can free themselves from them. In the process, they came across a mental immune system that subtly opposes change. So when we work on change and keep falling behind or not getting anywhere, there is most likely an immunity in the way - the Immunity to Change. This can be identified in a 4-step process and then overcome with targeted experiments. This method is suitable for executive coaching as well as for team coaching.

Immunity to Change with Martin Buerki

As one of the first officially certified ITC coaches in Switzerland, I have been using this approach since 2013. I was taught it personally at Harvard by the two authors, Kegan and Lahey. What touches me most in my work with the ITC approach is that unique moment when clients realise what they are actually doing to themselves on a daily basis, how they are constantly sabotaging themselves and standing in the way of their happiness. Use the Immunity to Change approach and get ahead in your goals - in just a few steps..

Immunity to Change - overcoming personal inhibitors

Do you know this feeling? You want to change a certain behaviour in a targeted way, but you regularly fall behind, you don’t get any further. It feels like you have one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake pedal at the same time. Something seems to prevent you from releasing the brake pedal. With my support as a coach and with the Immunity-to-Change approach, learn to identify these inhibitors and work on them in a targeted way.

Transforming leadership with the ITC approach

Leadership is less a question of your technique than a question of your attitude - that is, your attitude towards other people. That is why I believe that all people can lead if they develop an attitude that, for example, creates space for others to develop, reduces their own delusions of control or integrates multiple opinions. With the “Immunity to Change” approach, I provide you with exactly the tool you need to develop your leadership behaviour and lead responsibly, joyfully and easily tomorrow - pure leadership transformation.

Immunity to Change: Map to Success

The Immunity to Change method is implemented in a 4-step process. Each step provides a puzzle piece to a map. This Immunity to Change Map shows you not only your inhibitors, but also your strengths and opportunities to overcome them. Especially in energy-sapping situations, your own resilience, i.e. your ability to cope with pressure without damage, is crucial. It is an important factor in staying healthy and not only surviving these situations, but also developing beyond them. In this respect, the ITC approach provides you with an important orientation that also gives you a foothold in other challenges or for new goals.

Experience Immunity to Change: book individual coaching now

Experience the relief of shedding your personal obstacles and being able to focus on your goals with full strength and joy. Contact me to clarify open questions and to arrange an individual coaching in the area of Immunity to Change. I also work with leadership tools such as the T.I.G.E.R.-Method© and the Cultural Fingerprint. Are you interested? Then I look forward to hearing from you!