Leadership Coaching

How you benefit from leadership coaching

Leadership coaching enhances your charisma as a leader. Because ultimately it is your impact that counts. But there are situations in which you do not or only partially unfold this charisma. You may feel blocked, unable to see a perspective. Or you find yourself in a new role and should now have a broader, more fundamental, more entrepreneurial impact. With Leadership Coaching you will find your personal ways out of inhibiting situations. You find your way better in your context and set the appropriate impulses - without advice, but through your own new insights. With leadership coaching, you grow first and foremost as a person.

Leadership Coaching with Martin Buerki

As a leader, you operate in a specific context - for example, in a company or in a specific industry. If this context becomes more complex, then you should also become more complex. Otherwise, you will lose your orientation and eventually your impact. My leadership coaching keeps you in the driver seat. I offer you structured approaches through which you redefine your leadership role yourself and implement it in your context.

How leaders unleash their potential through coaching

My leadership coaching aims to expand your leadership potential, strengthen your impact as well as refine your own leadership style. Leadership coaching with me makes you more complex - that is Leadership Transformation in the truest sense.

Find answers with leadership coaching

Find your own answers to context-specific challenges with leadership coaching. In a trusting environment you design new leadership behavior and test it on the job. Through your answers you set new impulses, go new ways. Your answers lead to noticeable changes.

My coaching offer for executives

You develop your impact, your complexity and your potential through leadership coaching with an experienced, empathic coach. I accompany you as your leadership partner on your path to your own leadership role and personal development. Strengthen your perception and impact either through individual executive coaching or team coaching.

Leadership coaching in self-study: inform now.

Leadership coaching thrives on personal interaction and guidance. But you can also get valuable tips and develop new skills through self-study. How you as a leader can easily and joyfully keep your focus and master your tasks, you can read in my book on the T.I.G.E.R. method©. I also share my experiences as a coach in my journal, where you can find thoughts and suggestions on leadership, leadership coaching and leadership development.

Experience leadership coaching: book individual coaching now

As a Leadership Partner, I always coach my clients with individually adapted methods. With me, you do not book prefabricated, standardized packages. Rather, I personally address your wishes and contextual requirements in order to strengthen or increase your impact and potential in the best possible way. Above all, I accompany you in finding joy in leadership and passing it on to your employees. In individual and team coaching sessions I support leaders in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and also in English-speaking countries. Contact me now to arrange an individual leadership coaching and to clarify open questions. I am looking forward to meeting you!