Leadership Development

Climb new levels in your impact as a leader, gain new perspectives, train adequate behavior.

Growing with and through challenges through leadership development

As a manager, you are usually challenged on several levels: Here you are changing an organizational unit, there sales teams are supposed to behave differently towards customers or work better with the office staff. You have to meet the fears of a new technology proactively and with understanding and at the same time open up an exciting perspective for your talents. And all the while you are trying to take care of yourself, strengthen your resources and communicate positively. How do you do that? This is where the leadership training comes in.

Climbing new levels with personal leadership training

With leadership development tailored to your challenges, you will receive the topics, tools and behavioural approaches that are right for you. Climb new levels in your effect as a leader, gain new perspectives, train adequate behaviour. And above all, strengthen your confidence to successfully master these multifaceted leadership tasks today and tomorrow. In terms of content, as a leadership coach I am guided by the results of positive psychology, adult development theory and research on group dynamics and the behaviour of systems - as learning and living organisms.

Leadership Training in companies

Leadership always unfolds its effect in a specific context. That is why many companies decide to develop and implement their own leadership training. In this way, they ensure that the participating leaders take the company to the next level. I create the conditions for this: for example, with a jointly developed understanding of leadership, with concrete expectation profiles and with modular, level-appropriate leadership training. Such training enables leaders to consistently approach their profiles. The basis is formed by intensive discussions about goals, needs and framework conditions.

Leadership training: my offer for concrete impact

I offer leadership training in various forms. Either as part of an individual and personal executive coaching, as part of a team coaching or as modules in company-internal academies or leadership programmes.

My leadership training covers three topics:

These three topics can either be worked on individually or combined according to specific needs. I design and moderate them with commitment and passion. These modules are characterised by a high level of interaction, an instructive exchange of experiences between participants and an effective transfer of learning. In addition, I have developed a Coaching Crash Course for managers - so that this helpful perspective can be added to one’s own repertoire.

Advance through self-study: find out more about leadership training now

You can also learn more about leadership through self-study, for example with my book on the T.I.G.E.R.-method©. I also share my experiences in my journal.

Leadership weiterbilden: request now

Many companies in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and also in English-speaking countries use my leadership training and appreciate my individually adapted approaches and methods. Contact me to find out more and clarify open questions. I look forward to working with you on your leadership transformation.